Gainy is a young, ambitious US company that builds accessible solutions for retail investors of all levels of experience. We personalize stock picking and help investors to achieve their financial goals.

Our Mission is to democratize analytics and research for retail investors and allow every individual to more effectively manage their investments.

The story of Gainy began with a group of successful retail investors who wanted to build a product other investors would love.

While the market of investment analytics was developing dramatically, we didn't see anything that was convenient or really helpful. There clearly was a better way for investments. So we decided to create Gainy.

There’s a vast amount of information on the market of retail investments. It’s supposed to help you make decisions, but the signal-to-noise ratio is so low it makes it harder.

There are apps that just want you to buy something, anything. They make money on transactions and your long-term financial success isn’t on the list of their priorities.

There are professional tools like stock screeners. They offer detailed analytics for people that already have their own databases and spreadsheets filled with company data and analysis. But even with these tools, routine research takes time, 1-2 hours a day on average.

Gainy offers a different approach. It simplifies the discovery process by letting you choose your interests, set your investment goals, and starting to discover collections filled with companies that are more likely to help you achieve those goals.


Gainy does what other apps and services should have made available a long time ago. But it is Gainy’s convenient and simple-to-use design and robust recommendation system that make all the difference. Our product is completely personalized.

The collections are designed to be easily digestible. You get all the key info—company profiles and metrics, market insights and benchmarks, but instead of lengthy research this process takes a few minutes, because Gainy recommends stocks that are already most likely to suit you out of thousands of potential options.


All in

Many people want to learn to invest and are looking for help with this, that’s why we created an app that will help everyone to understand finance and investments.

Meet the team that’s shaping the future of retail investment and personal finance.

CFA, Chief Investment Officer
Head of Engineering
Head of Design
Product Manager
iOS Lead
Content&Community lead
Content manager, Editor
Communication Designer
Marketing Advisor

Meet the team that’s shaping the future of retail investment and personal finance.

Angel Investor, Advisor
Tech entrepreneur and investor. Forbes 30 under 30. Founder Narrative BI.
Recommendation engine and engineering Advisor
Worked as an engineering manager and software developer at Google and Facebook. Early-stage investor and Founder of Geek Ventures
Interim Head of Engineering, Advisor
Staff software engineer at Meta, ex for eng people.ai
Design Advisor
16 years in design, 12 years building tech companies. Former design lead at Brex. Founder of Hello Baby and Donut Lab
Product advisor
Co-founder @ Republic and an expert in Fintech products
PR advisor
Expert PR leader with over 15 years in PR. Global PR Director at Rakuten Viber
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