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How to Use Gainy’s investment Calculator?

The investment calculator allows you to calculate the investment earnings you will receive at a specific term, taking into account compound interest, when the accrued interest starts working for you, bringing in additional income. It will also help you determine how long it will take you to reach the right amount of capital and how much money you need to invest for that.

Using the investment calculator is simple: just fill in all the fields with the appropriate data and click "Calculate". As a result, you will get a graph of returns and a detailed report for the selected period.

Starting Amount

First, determine what amount will form the basis of your investment portfolio. Enter the amount in the input field. 

Years of Investing

Specify the planned period over which you will make deposits and expect income. Note that a long investment period has a positive effect on your earning potential.

Annual Return Rate

Enter the desired return percentage that you would like to get for the year. If you are unsure what figure to put in, stop at 15%. This is an average rate.

Additional Monthly Contributions

If you are going to deposit a certain amount every month, write it down as well. You can also leave it blank if you do not plan to add funds on a regular basis. Reinvestment can occur with a different frequency – annually, monthly, quarterly, or semi-annually, but monthly contributions are best. 

Getting it all calculated on your own each month is quite a time-consuming procedure. In addition, it's easy to make a mistake when creating your own investment plan. Therefore, to calculate the potential income it is convenient to use an investment calculator, where you can set all the necessary parameters.

After filling in all fields, click the "Calculate" button. As a result, the investment calculator will calculate compound interest, and you will receive the amount that can be formed on the account when you reach the desired average annual return.

The calculation formula is not that difficult to understand, but to avoid mistakes it is recommended to use the stock investment calculator built into this site. You need to understand the calculation algorithm in order to predict the profit or cost of reinvestment, early repayment of loans, and any long-term investments as accurately as possible. The simple investment calculator allows you to do this quickly and precisely.

The essence of compound interest is that not only the initial capital is profitable, but also the interest, which is added again and again to the initial amount of investment. Each time, the calculation base increases, and thus the return on investment also increases. 

If you want to start investing but don't know what to start with, try the Gainy app. It's one of the best stock apps for beginners. It has everything you need to pick the right stocks. The user-friendly interface and many useful tools will help you quickly take a first step into the world of investing.