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About Uniswap

Uniswap is a cryptocurrency and decentralized crypto exchange. If traditional crypto is already too ordinary for you, maybe it’s time to go down the DeFI rabbit hole and start to invest in Uniswap.

Uniswap the coin and blockchain was built on Ethereum’s technology by Uniswap the company in 2018. Your Uniswap investment automatically opens up the world of decentralized trading. Uniswap is also the exchange itself, a market maker platform that provides the ecosystem and rules for individuals to trade coins and tokens in a peer-to-peer fashion.

With centralized exchanges like Coinbase or Binance, that exchange is in charge of transactions, liquidity and monitoring. In a decentralized ecosystem, everyone is equal.

It's cheaper and easier to list a coin on Uniswap than on a major exchange but it’s also more expensive to operate, there might be issues with liquidity, and there’s arguably less protection from scam projects.

Perhaps the best way to invest in Uniswap is to become a liquidity provider. Because the system is decentralized, it relies on private players to provide the actual coins people trade on the exchange. That’s why the system rewards those who lock their coins to be used by others in trades, i.e. they provide liquidity.

There was a boom of DeFi in 2021. Guess why? Yes, the price of bitcoin. Now that BTC is 50% off, the market cap and trading volume of altcoins is also lower. In fact, UNI is almost 90% down from its May 2021 levels when it reached a price of $42. Now it trades at $5. 

Should you invest in Uniswap now? Does it make it a great time to buy for when bitcoin does go back up? Maybe yes, maybe not. You might have to wait a while. Of course the market is down and it’s much more risky than when there was more trading volume, but you can still make money on DeFi, but you really need to know what you’re doing.

Research how you can invest in UNI to make money rather than hoping the coin will grow. Investing in Uniswap and other DeFi is definitely not for beginners. One important issue is that when the Ether gas fees are high, setting up a position may cost you a thousand bucks or so just to buy the tokens.

Check back to this page to check the UNI price now or current prices on the biggest cryptocurrencies and stocks. Check out our stock hub to get good investment ideas with stock prices. 

We would first recommend a more conservative approach, but if you’re sure you want to invest in Uniswap today and you’re still asking where can I invest in Uniswap? Just check if it’s available on your crypto exchange, if not, try Binance or Coinbase.

Explore the other sections of our website to find out how to buy, where to buy, how much to invest, and much more. If you’re asking yourself should I invest in stocks, crypto or something else, to check an asset’s price today  or when is the time to buy or sell, install Gainy to get personalized investment recommendations.

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