Build the investment universe of tomorrow

The time has come for a new approach to investing
Find stocks based on your interests and goals
Connect all investment accounts to track general performance in one place
Discover new investment galaxies and travel to them
TTF module is live
These are flexible stock collections that are dedicated to a specific theme or cause
Invest in your favorite themes or industries with TTFs, for example, Electric vehicles, Women-led companies or Monthly dividend portfolio. Each TTF includes the most important companies in every field and is automatically rebalanced when a new, relevant company becomes available or stock is underperforming.
How to scale your influencer presence? How to monetize your channel with ads when people tend to dislike them? How to finally answer questions like
What stocks are you buying now?
We can make it easier…
Our common goal:
to set the people free
Take your followers aboard your investment spaceship to the moon and beyond! The fuel is on us. Create your own TTF collection with Gainy and lead your investment fellowship to success.

Gainy is for creators who wish to shape the financial   universe of tomorrow.
Help others
Now you can make it easier for them and be the first one to create your own stock universe
with a new type of interaction in the new economy.
Get followers, get rewards for your insights and hard work. Engage your circle and help them succeed. Become closer to your audience.

We will promote TTFs with our marketing budget in the app and across the web, so more people will see your content on other platforms.

Take part in our cosmic events for influencers and help us shape the financial universe of tomorrow.
Conquer the Galaxy
Become a Gainy ambassador. Build your own planet.
Spread the word around the galaxy.
Ways to earn fuel to travel:

spread the good word through content on social media

tips and donations → 2-5% of your audience

a percentage of what users
invest in your TTF → passive income  forever
Create your TTF
Distribute, educate,
Measure and track
Earn with Gainy
Join us in creating the investment universe of tomorrow
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