gainy quiz gainy quiz gainy quiz
gainy quiz gainy quiz gainy quiz
gainy quiz gainy quiz gainy quiz


Personalized stock screener app
Take a short quiz about your risk profile and get a special pre-launch offer for premium subscription
Let's go!
How can you evaluate your investing experience?
Please choose an answer!
Never tried but curious
Have very little experience
Some experience but not successful
Advanced / daily trader
Pro trader
Have a bad past experience
Investment approach
Please choose an answer!
Visionary: invest in companies I believe in
Risky: invest in new players with the potential 
Conservative: invest in safe stocks or ETFs
Passive: investment fund manages my money
Moderate: want to use different approaches
Not sure yet
What is your investment objective? Please choose the main one
Please choose an answer!
Find a new source of income
Find a new way to multiply own capital
Save money for the future (capital preservation)
Trade for fun
Trading is my main job
How much do you expect to trade per year?
Please choose an answer!
Up to $5K
Not sure yet
What would you like to achieve with an investment recommendation tool? Please pick one
Please choose an answer!
Start investing fast
Get help with smarter investment decisions
Get personalized investment ideas
Simplify investment decisions when buying additional stocks
Discover and compare stocks
Track results and choose stocks that fit my portfolio and goals
Identify stocks that are right for my goals