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As our lives have been transformed by digital technology and handheld devices, tech companies have seen incredible growth for two decades now. After surviving the dotcom crash, some tech companies went on to become some of the largest corporations in the world. The US technology sector has been on the rise for over two decades. It is currently worth around $1.6 trillion. Its household names — Apple, Microsoft, Alphabet (Google), Amazon, and Facebook provide web services and make the physical devices we use every day. They are also some of the most popular investment assets in the world right now, that’s why it’s great to have tech stocks in your portfolio.

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Tech Companies' Stocks

What technology stocks are included in the categories?

Gainy app creates stock lists and categories depending on NASDAQ Composite and current market information. There is the pull of companies that are always on the list of tech stocks to buy now. For example, companies from S&P 500 that are stable and present on the market for many years.

What’s special about the Top companies? 

The top tech stocks are companies that provide the products we use—either the physical devices or by selling ads on platforms we use: Google and Facebook. They also have some kind of monopoly in their field and it seems like their position is here to stay, especially if the interest rates stay low and people keep buying their products as consistently as they do now, which means their stock price is likely to keep rising.

Industry top companies

Tech stocks that are the most stable on the market are Apple, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and Facebook. They also take up the first spots in the list of largest companies by market capitalization in the world, except number 3 is taken up by Saudi Aramco, the Saudi Arabian national petroleum and gas company.

That’s why they’ve earned their right to be considered the best tech stocks to buy.


The history of Apple dates back to 1976 when Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak decided to create a revolution in computers and make the world think differently. Three and a half decades later, Apple is the largest corporation in the world.


Apple’s eternal rival Microsoft has been bringing Windows to a PC near you since Windows 1 in 1985. They have been successful with a bunch of software products, including cloud services and gaming. Microsoft also pays dividends and is a good pick for a dividend stock.


A company whose name is eponymous with searching for stuff online, this one needs no introduction. Restructured as Alphabet Inc. in 2015, the business has been growing steadily for decades and seems to get more and more influential as time goes by.


The online bookshop-turned-worldwide-marketplace firm also basically owns a third of the Internet through its Web Services (AWS), Amazon also isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Highly notorious for paying little to taxes, this is not the most ethical stock to buy, but Amazon’s business model is very solid, which makes it one of the best tech stocks to invest in. 


Perhaps the most questionable out of all tech stocks, Facebook has been waist-deep in controversy and a new scandal comes out every so often. The company makes billions using personal data, just like Google, and people seem to be more than happy to spend hours consuming content on Facebook and Instagram, which makes FB one of the best tech stocks to buy.

Gainy app Features 

What can you find in the Gainy app?

Gainy is a stock screener app that can become your handy guide to the world of investing. We offer you the most suitable stocks to own, depending on your investing goals and interests. 

The app allows you to create personalized collections such as the best stocks, USA Fintech, or mid-cap stocks. Our analytic toolkit provides each customer with customized information and shows just the stocks they can potentially be interested in. In-app functionality and filters offer the possibility to arrange and customize all needed data in one place. The powerful search helps to find out everything about any stock, ETF, cryptocurrency, investment idea, and collections that users like to invest in.

Does in-app information differ from the website?

Gainy website is all about education. We know that traders always need information, so we created FAQ, Knowledge Base, and Blog. FAQ allows users to get any brief details on the market and stocks; any “How to” & “What if” questions are here. Knowledge Base is guidance filled with relevant knowledge that is always in demand. Our blog contains the latest market updates and information all traders worldwide can be interested in.  

We know that successful investment is always about the knowledge of which stocks to buy and when. So the in-app function analyzes and highlights customized information depending on personal goals, finance possibilities, and risk profile and recommends suitable categories, stocks, ETFs or cryptocurrencies to invest in.

Updates, trends, and market fluctuations

Updates & fluctuations focus on the latest market situation, global changes, and their analysis. Investors should understand market trends and move along with them to make profits.

In share market trend analysis, it’s essential to pick the sector and collect all the needed data. Traders take external and internal information that affects the sector and attempt to predict the direction the market moves.

There are some points an investor should understand:

  • How to check if a stock market trend is valid?
  • What are three data points?
  • Is the trend long-lasting?

In the beginning, investors do not always understand the sense behind the stock market trading trend and cannot consider all the nuances, and here robotic apps can help. Gainy automatically analyzes all the data a stakeholder needs to invest and offers the best possible solutions to profit.

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