How to open an account?

Register here for early access, download the app from the App Store and sign in with the email address you used during registration.

Where to start if I’m a beginner trader?

We have a knowledge base for beginners and a bunch of articles about investing for beginners.

How does Gainy analyze stocks?

Gainy divides stocks into groups based on a number of factors. We start with assigning each stock to an industry. Then we use custom formulas to separate each industry into a number of collections of stocks. The idea behind collections is that stocks within each collection should be analyzed together. For each collection you would probably want to use one or another set of metrics to compare and analyze stocks.

How does personalization work?

We analyzed what people search for online and company descriptions to find out what’s popular and what companies do. Then we used our in-house NLP engine to create digestible, interesting themed collections. Our recommendation engine uses machine learning to make it relevant and dynamic over time, so the more you use Gainy the better your recommendations become.

Can I trade using Gainy?

Not now, but we’re planning to offer trading further down the road.

How to make a portfolio?

We’re planning to offer full-fledged portfolio management in later versions of Gainy.

How can I set my goal?

Gainy asks you about your desired profits and level of risk you can afford to take in the onboarding questionnaire, along with your interests and favorite industries.

Can I move my money into Gainy?

No, Gainy is a recommendation system that doesn’t actively manage your funds. However, as long as we have integration with your existing portfolios you will be able to see your assets for multiple accounts like Robinhood, Etrade, etc. in one place.

How does gainy use my data?

Gainy is designed to offer personalized recommendations, so the app will store your activity to improve your experience. We will send you marketing and promotional emails from time to time and you can unsubscribe at any time. We do not and will not disclose your personal data to any third party.

I found a bug / some data is wrong / I have feedback — what should I do?

There is a feedback button in the app, so feel free to send us your thoughts, we would love to hear from you. Also, you can leave your feedback here.

What is Gainy?

Gainy is a personalized stock screener app that discovers stocks, cryptocurrencies, ETFs & bonds to invest in. Personalized investment recommendations based on your interests, portfolio and goals.

How does Gainy work?

Gainy takes you through a quick questionnaire and starts recommending stocks based on your interests and goals. Gainy has a convenient and simple-to-use design and robust recommendation system. Our product is completely personalized. We use an in-house NLP engine to create unique industries and theme collections and our recommendation engine uses machine learning to make it relevant.

The collections are designed to be easily digestible. You get all the key info—company profiles and metrics, market insights and benchmarks, but instead of lengthy research this process takes a few minutes, because Gainy recommends stocks that are already most likely to suit you out of thousands of potential options.

Is Gainy safe?

Yes. Gainy is a registered Investor Advisor Firm with U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. See all the legal documents at the bottom of the website.

What is Gainy’s mission?

To democratize analytics and research for retail investors and allow every individual to more effectively manage their investments.

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