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Discover stocks, ETFs & bonds to invest in. Personalized investment recommendations based on your interests, portfolio and goals.

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Start investing today. Gainy will hand-pick the right stocks based on your interests and vision 🦄

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Advanced Traders
Get advanced analytics. Improve your investment strategy with suggestions tailored to your interests and goals 😎

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Thematic Trading Fractional

Invest in your favorite themes or industries with TTFs — flexible stock collections that are dedicated to a specific theme or cause, for example, Electric vehicles or Gold mining companies. Each TTF includes the most important companies in every field and are automatically rebalanced when a new, relevant company becomes available or stock is underperforming.

Follow TTFs from your favorite investors or influencer.

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Now it's personal

So you’re an investments enthusiast. Or you love watching cannabis stocks grow while driving your Tesla. Whatever you love and believe in, you can track any market with a personal investment guide.

Gainy is a stock analyzer and stock scanner that learns your interests and creates personalized stock collections based on the industries you care about and brands you love.

Know what to buy and when

Invest without the guesswork with Gainy’s stock advisor and scanner. Cut out the noise. Get stock tips. Stay on top of all the key ups and downs with advanced market data and fundamental analysis.

Track all the necessary data & anomalies right inside the Gainy stock investing app without weeks of intensive research.

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Personalized collections & suggestions

Gainy creates personalized investment collections based on your interests and goals. Just choose companies and industries you care about and Gainy stock portfolio app will do the rest.

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As simple as it gets — anytime, anywhere

Gainy is an easy-to-use stock market app that explains complex investment concepts without the jargon so you can put them into practice straight away. Discover your next investment while waiting for your morning coffee or on your lunch break.

Manage your portfolio efficiently

Build wealth with one wallet for all your assets.

Invest with minimal risk with the ultimate stock portfolio analysis app. Set up a portfolio and see how it’s performing. Weed out your underperforming stocks.


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Automated research

Do your stock research in a smart way with simple, intuitive charts. Identify the fast-growers, the unicorns, and the hottest new coins with advanced search and AI.

Gainy stock investing app will provide you with all the necessary market information.

Invest with passion, not stress
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SEC registered
Gainy is a Registered Investment Advisor with the SEC, so we are qualified to give investment advice.
FINRA Insured
With FINRA insurance, your account is protected up to $500,000.
Backed by DriveWealth
Trading is done through DriveWealth, a global fintech investment pioneer of fractional equities trading with 15 million customers worldwide.
What is Gainy, what settings do you have?

Gainy is not an app to invest in stocks, but a screener and stock portfolio analysis app. We help our clients to identify the right stocks, depending on portfolio, personal goals, and fundamental analysis.

We work as a stock analyzer and stock comparison app: give the possibility to create collections tailored to personal needs, show charts and shares and allow users to track finance flows and dividends distribution.

You can use Gainy as a guide and stock picker: set your goals, get tips & forecasts, and pick up the right investments to gain your wealth.

Is Gainy complicated to use?

One of the benefits of Gainy as a stock market investment app is convenience. We will become your Spotify in the world of investments with simple and intuitive functionality. Tracking, forecasting, analyze and compare of portfolios — everything we do as a stock screener app is complicated, but what you do is really not. We took care of it.

Can I buy a stock using Gainy?

At the current moment, Gainy is not a stock investing app, and you can’t directly buy stocks using it, but in the future, we definitely will provide this feature. We work on Gainy updates to make it a stock market app and will inform you when these trading features are ready.

Is your stock investment app free?

We have Basic and PRO access. As a trader or retailer, you can use both and decide which one is more comfortable for you.

What goal can I set?

Gainy is a fundamental stock screener app that can help you to set & gain your financial goals and track your money deposits. It can be anything from “I want my money to work” to gain an amount of money for a new house. As stocks portfolio app will help you to make the investment process easy and amusing, not boring. 

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