Stock Market App for Advanced Traders

Gainy is a personalized stock screener and portfolio management app for professional traders and retail investors.

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Improve your strategy.
Diversify your portfolio.
A multi-functional stock market app for active traders.

Track the markets, follow the stocks. Build a personalized portfolio quickly and easily.

Advanced analytics for retail investors. Get suggestions tailored to your investment interests and goals.
Market analysis and real-time insights

Gainy is the perfect trading tool for traders. Get key news and updates that are relevant to you.

Real-time stock information. Highlights and benchmarks to support your decisions.

Personalized collections & suggestions

Gainy creates personalized investment collections based on your interests and goals.

Just choose companies and industries you care about and Gainy will do the rest.

Manage your
stock portfolio

A convenient portfolio management tool for investors. One wallet for all your assets. See your Robinhood, ADP, and other financial tools in one place.

Have a clear view of your personal portfolio and its diversification. Get portfolio health checks for your stock positions. Sell underperforming stocks and improve your results.

Automated research

Do your routine research in a breeze. Identify the fast-growers, the unicorns, and the hottest new coins without configuring stock screener apps.

Gainy is a Swiss Army knife for day traders with a host of financial tools.

Powerful search

Search for any stock, ETF, сryptocurrency, investment idea, and collections that you’d like to invest in.

Simple and powerful like Google but for stocks and cryptocurrencies.

Invest with passion, not stress
Download on the App Store
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What functions does Gainy provide?

Gainy is a convenient, user-friendly stock market app for advanced traders. We offer various features: forecasting with a strong analytical toolkit, powerful inner search and filtering, charts with stock quotes and positions, ability to build a diversified portfolio.

Gainy is like a trading app or investing platform, but we do not take your money.

Is Gainy stock portfolio tracker app for iPhone only?

For now, Gainy is an iOS app for the stock market for traders. We work on developing our features and will let everyone know as soon as the Android version is ready.

Is Gainy the best stock market app for active traders?

We analyzed numerous apps but considered Gainy the best portfolio management app for traders. Try and see it for yourself!

What if I already use another stock portfolio tracking app for traders?

We bet you do, and that’s okay! It’s not a problem but a question of your usability. Gainy offers you a convenient stock market tool, wide functionality, and personalized data. You can check information in other apps, but we are sure you will come back to Gainy.

What goal can I set?

Gainy is a fundamental stock screener app that can help you to set & gain your financial goals and track your money deposits. It can be anything from “I want my money to work” to gain an amount of money for a new house. As stocks portfolio app will help you to make the investment process easy and amusing, not boring. 

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