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Stop worrying about investing. Start doing it.
So you’re a crypto enthusiast. Or you love watching how cannabis stocks grow while driving your Tesla. Whatever you love and believe in, you can track any market with a personal investment guide.

Gainy is a stock analyzer and stock scanner that learns your interests and creates personalized stock collections based on the industries you care about and brands you love.
Now it's personal

Gainy creates personalized investment collections based on your interests and goals.

Just choose companies and industries you care about, and Gainy will do the rest.

Beginner stock trading

Everything you need to start trading. Buy stocks, ETFs, and TTFs.

Compare stocks online without the overwhelm.

Manage your portfolio efficiently

Set your investment goals and start building a portfolio. Start growing, and Gainy’s stock platform will be with you along the way.

Automated research

Investing should not be like daily trading. It’s about spending time on what matters.

Choose the Gainy stock app for beginners to know exactly when to buy or sell.

As simple as it gets — anytime, anywhere

Gainy explains complex investment concepts without jargon so you can put them into practice straight away.

Simple and actionable financial insights and information about companies for beginners in trading.

Invest with passion, not stress
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What is Gainy? 

Gainy is a thematic investing platform that allows investing in stocks, ETFs, and TTFs. 

Gainy's Thematic Trading Fractionals (TTFs) are a solution for investors who want flexibility and control but may not have the time or expertise for extensive stock research and portfolio optimization.

The Gainy platform is an optimal way to diversify your risk, invest in themes you believe in, and increase your gains.

What is TTF?

Thematic Trading Fractionals are optimized model portfolios typically made of 10-15 stocks devoted to one topic, cause, or investment strategy, e.g. FinTech, Cybersecurity, or Inflation-Proof Portfolio. TTFs are automatically rebalanced when a new company becomes available or an existing stock is underperforming. It is the most convenient way to invest in what you like and believe in.

TTFs offer a balance between diversification and investment focus that is not found in ETFs.

Gainy will regularly optimize and rebalance TTFs for clients, ensuring their portfolios are always up-to-date with the latest relevant companies and performance.

Using Gainy's recommendation tools and financial data, users can choose from over 70 model portfolios based on industries (e.g., Electric Vehicles), investment styles (e.g., Low-volatility stocks), and market conditions (e.g., Inflation-Proof portfolio).

You can read more about TTFs here.

TTF optimization and rebalancing

Gainy's TTF investing is designed to provide optimal performance by leveraging advanced algorithms and automated rebalancing. This means that your investments are constantly monitored and adjusted to ensure that they remain aligned with your goals while minimizing risk. With TTF investing on Gainy, you can be confident that your portfolio is always working hard for you.

Is investing in TTFs different from stocks and ETFs?

Unlike in stocks, when you invest in TTFs you don’t have to spend hours researching individual companies. We’ve researched the best stocks in each TTF based on their fundamentals, volatility, and returns. You can have laser focus investments in specific ideas but diversify your risks by investing in TTFs.

TTFs don’t have hundreds of unknown companies like ETFs that disperse all of your growth but typically 10-15 stocks hand-picked by professionals and optimized with algorithms with a goal of delivering diversification and balancing risk/return of the portfolio.

Personal Recommendations

In addition to investing in stocks, ETFs, and TTFs, Gainy users will also have access to personalized investment advice through the match score, which suggests stocks and portfolios that align with their interests and investment goals.

What other features do you have?

— Functional and easy-to-understand market data;
— A wide range of financial indicators on investment instruments to support transaction decisions;
— Comparison of investment ideas and individual stocks with the overall market performance; 
— Gainy provides financial data at the tip of your fingers that helps to understand what you are investing in.

Deposit and Withdraw money

Electronic deposits with Plaid to your DriveWealth account via ACH will typically take 1-4 business days to clear. ACH deposits must remain in your account for a minimum of thirty (30) days after the funds clear prior to being able to withdraw. Other restrictions may apply if fraud or other potential anti-money laundering concerns are raised.

More details on the Holding Period of Funds to Ensure Authorized Use or for Anti-Money Laundering Review:

Our brokerage partner DriveWealth has a holding period – deposited funds cannot be withdrawn – for certain types of funding methods.

Currently, Gainy's platform accepts only ACH deposits from checking or savings account via our integration with Plaid.

For other DriveWealth withdrawal policies, please see

Is Gainy a RIA (Registered investment adviser)?

Gainy is a registered investment advisor with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). We can legally provide advisory services to investors in the United States. Please see full legal information about the company in the legal hub.

How about brokerage? Is it safe to invest with Gainy?

Our brokerage partner, DriveWealth, is a member of FINRA & SIPC. Your account is protected for up to $500,000 (including FDIC insurance for up to $250,000 on claims for cash). DriveWealth also works with Cash App and Revolut.

Gainy uses bank-level security and SSL and 256-bit encryption to ensure your information is fully protected. We work with Plaid, Inc to link your bank accounts, also used by Venmo, Acorns, & Chime. We do not and never will store your online banking credentials.

How do the match score and Gainy’s recommendations work?

Recommendations are based on a user’s risk/reward profile, investment horizon, existing portfolio, and interests. To make personalization real we use an in-house algorithm to optimize recommendations to each individual investor.

Is your investment platform free?

We don't charge any trading commissions and you can place as many orders as you like. Our advisory service monthly fee is 0.08% on assets under management or $8 per month for accounts with less than $10,000.

How does the money deposit process work? Is it instant? 

It takes up to 3 business days to route your funds to the platform. However, as soon as your account is approved (usually almost instantly) you can place order requests right away on the amount of investments that you sent to Gainy. In this case these orders will be executed as soon as the funds arrive. For example, if you open an account on Monday and place an order, and your money arrived on Tuesday morning, your order will be also executed on Tuesday often within 15 minutes, but no later than at 10:30 am EST. If you are opening your account on Friday, then your funds and your purchase (in most cases) will happen on Monday next week.

How does trading work? Is it instant?

All the purchase orders are executed no later than the next business day at 10:30 am EST. It’s designed that way to optimize your trading activities with TTFs and for automatic rebalancing of each purchase of a TTF. In this case, if any new company becomes available for a TTF or any market related optimization happens to a TTF, it will be rebalanced automatically without any work on your end. However, you can see the whole history of all the past and upcoming transactions in the app. You can place more transactions or cancel upcoming orders before they are executed.

Can I purchase fractional shares with Gainy?

Yes, you can. 

Is it available in any country?

Research and analysis functionality is available in all countries except for those not supported by the App Store. Investing capabilities are only available for the US residents due to SEC regulations.

Rare case transaction fees

Besides our Advisory Fee, we do not charge any trading fees for buying and selling securities. However, there is a very small regulatory fees charged:


SEC Fee (sell side only)

$22.90 per million

TAF Fee (sell side only)

$0.000130 per share (maximum of $6.49)

ADR Fee:

Varies by ADR. (Please refer to the specific ADR prospectus for additional detail.)

Note: Additional pass-through fees may be applicable. pass-through Fees will automatically adjust in accordance with any modifications made thereto by the respective Regulatory Authority. All pass-through fees are rounded up to the nearest penny and charged on a per Transaction basis.

Our brokerage partner, DriveWealth, may also charge fees related to some banking and securities transfer transactions, as well as some other miscellaneous fees associated with paper copy requests, bounced checks, etc.


ACH Transfer (outgoing)


E-check (USD)


Outgoing U.S. Wire Transfer


Outgoing Non-U.S. Wire Transfer


Failed ACH Transfer

$20.00 per failed transfer

ACAT Incoming



$50.00 per Account

ACAT Out (Non-U.S.)

$50.00 per Account

DTC Deliveries/ Receives

$35.00 per position

DWAC Transfer

$150.00 per position

DRS Transfer Incoming and Outgoing

$150.00 per position


Returned E-Checks

$20.00 per check

Check Stop Payments

$25.00 per check

Returned Wire Transfers

$25.00 per wire

Third Party Returned Wire Transfer(Note: DriveWealth does not accept third-party wires)

$65.00 per domestic attempted third-party wire return
$85.00 per international attempted third-party wire return

Tax Document Request (Fax and Regular Mail)

$25.00 per request

1099 Request for Exempt Accounts

$50.00 per request

Broker Assisted Trades (Phone Order)

$10.00 per transaction

Physical Copy of Trade Confirmations

$3.00 per confirmation

Physical Copy of Monthly Account

$5.00 per statement

How do I contact Gainy?

Please visit Contact Us to see all available options depending on your request.

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