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The best stock app for beginners. Everything you need to pick the right stocks.

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Stop worrying about investing. Start doing it.
So you’re a crypto enthusiast. Or you love watching how cannabis stocks grow while driving your Tesla. Whatever you love and believe in, you can track any market with a personal investment guide.

Gainy is a stock analyzer and stock scanner that learns your interests and creates personalized stock collections based on the industries you care about and brands you love.
Now it's personal

Gainy creates personalized investment collections based on your interests and goals.

Just choose companies and industries you care about, and Gainy will do the rest.

Beginner stock trading

Everything you need to start trading. Buy stocks, ETFs, and crypto (coming soon).

Compare stocks online without the overwhelm.

Manage your portfolio efficiently

Set your investment goals and start building a portfolio. Start growing, and Gainy’s stock platform will be with you along the way.

Automated research

Investing should not be like daily trading. It’s about spending time on what matters.

Choose the Gainy stock app for beginners to know exactly when to buy or sell.

As simple as it gets — anytime, anywhere

Gainy explains complex investment concepts without jargon so you can put them into practice straight away.

Simple and actionable financial insights and information about companies for beginners in trading.

Invest with passion, not stress
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Why do you call Gainy a stock platform for beginners?

Gainy is not a trading platform but a smart stock market tool that will carefully guide you through the world of investments.

We are the best beginner stock app thanks to our convenience, simplicity, and personalization. We pick the right stocks or cryptocurrencies based on your interests, so investing stops being like rocket science.

What functionality does Gainy have?

As an online stock app for beginners, we offer different features: forecasting with a strong analytical toolkit, powerful inner search and filtering, charts with stock quotes and positions, ability to build a diversified portfolio.

Gainy is like a trading app and investing platform, but we do not take your money. Moreover, we are developing a blog, so we are a stock website for beginners too.

Will Gainy app provide me with beginner stock trading tips?

Gainy will definitely provide you with some tips and information about how to trade and where to invest. We will guide you, customize stock picks right up to your interests, and help create a diversified portfolio, so you won’t deal with your problems and questions alone.

Is Gainy the best beginner stock app?

We analyzed numerous apps but considered Gainy the best stock app to use for beginners. Try and see for yourself!

What goal can I set?

Gainy is a fundamental stock screener app that can help you to set & gain your financial goals and track your money deposits. It can be anything from “I want my money to work” to gain an amount of money for a new house. As stocks portfolio app will help you to make the investment process easy and amusing, not boring. 

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